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Friends For Pegasus is pleased to announce that it will now offer riders across the globe a unique and meaningful riding and learning vacation experience unlike any other!

Guests can book customized weeklong learning vacation and equestrian getaway experiences at Friends For Pegasus in Ringoes, New Jersey. The vacation will allow guests a special chance to give back to the animals they love while they ride, reflect, and recharge far away from the distractions and stresses of everyday life.



Treat Yourself to a One-of-a-Kind Riding and Learning Vacation While Becoming a Part of The Pegasus Mission and Making a Difference for Horses!


• Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy daily one-on-one riding lessons with renowned horse trainer, clinician, author and Friends For Pegasus founder, Dr. Maria Katsamanis

• Local riders as well as those travelling from locations abroad including Canada, Europe, and South America are welcome

• Accommodations will be provided at charming cottage within a short drive to the farm

• All proceeds from the trip will go towards the Pegasus Foundation mission!

• The entire trip and itinerary are completely customizable based on the guests interest and preferences

• All lessons throughout the experience will be taught in English

• This vacation is ideal for aspiring professionals needing credits for certification, including  instructor certifications

• Guests will be welcome to bring their own horses to ride during the trip, or they can also choose to ride one of the horses on property at the farm

• Guests will have the opportunity to sightsee around the surrounding area to quiant shops and restaurants, as well as take day trips to exciting nearby destinations including:

       • New York City (1 hour away)            

       • Philadelphia (1 hour away)

       • New Jersey Coastline (1 hour away)    

• As a 501c3 New Jersey based nonprofit organization, and all guest fees for Friends For Pegasus trip will be fully tax deductible!                                                               






“This is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking for a chance to catch their breath, and to grow personally as well as in their riding. Horses have so much to teach us, and being with them not only brings a great deal of joy and peace to our lives, but also helps us learn to be better humans. This experience gives us an opportunity to benefit from what horses have to share with us, but also to give back to them too, which is especially fulfilling. It’s a really fun and special way to be a part of this important mission” -Dr. Maria Katsamanis

To learn more or to plan your dream learning vacation with Friends For Pegasus:

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Contact Dr. Maria Katsamanis at or 732-921-0565

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